Bianca DeSousa is a senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi Community School

Bianca DeSousa
Date of Birth 1994
Place of Birth Canada
Gender Female


Realationships TBA
Family TBA
Portrayed By Alicia Josipovic


Bianca is rebellious, often skipping class and causing trouble. Her favorite things are hoop earrings, tight jeans, and boys. She is shown to be a talented dancer. She has a reputation around the school for being promiscuous, and has few friends because of her bad attitude. She is good friends with the Torres brothers.

Season 1Edit

Episode 105 Like a Boss (1)

  • She is seen making fun of Tori and Tristan when they want to start a club
  • She joins the Debate club Tori and Tristan made, but it is canceled in the next episode

Episode 106 Like A Boss (2)

  • She almost gets in a fight with Tori until Ms Oh walks by

Episode 107 Double Vision (1)

  • She becomes partners with Jake for a project in Ms Oh's class

Episode 108 Double Vision (2)

  • She is seen presenting her project with Jake to Ms Oh
  • She accidently exposed her breasts to Jake and Eli while picking up a poster
  • The sight of her breasts gave Eli a boner

Episode 110 Stereo Hearts (1)

  • She makes a sarcastic joke about Ms Oh having sex