Chase Lewis is a freshmen (Grade 9) at Degrassi Community School.

Chase Lewis
Aaron fresh-1-3456
Date of Birth 1997
Place of Birth Canada
Gender Male


Relationships Drew Torres (current fling)
Family Marisol Lewis (older sister)
Portrayed By Aaron Fresh


Throw away Jake and Declan cause this guy can make them look like nerds. This Grade 9 is no stranger to girls and fights. Follows into his sister Marisol 's footsteps into destroying relationships. Chase made his mark when his parents got divorced when he was 10 and decided to destroy every couple in sight. In his free time he reads, swims, and acts. Destroying couples became his thing after deciding if his parents can't be together nobody else can. He will do anything to end a couple lie, steal, or sleep with the girl. Maybe even the guy? He has been best friends with Maya since second grade.

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