Chelsea Frank is a sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi Community School

Chelsea Frank
Date of Birth 1996
Place of Birth Canada
Gender Female


Realationships TBA
Family TBA
Portrayed By

Ashley Argota


Chelsea has a history with Lily. They met in Kindergarden and even had a little band going on. Lily would sing while she played guitar. They even went to the same middle school. Then their friendship took a nosedive when Chelsea hooked up with Lily's dad the night of their middle school graduation. Chelsea then called the police and lied saying he raped her. Lily's Dad had to run away leaving Lily and her mom crushed. Lily slapped Chelsea and told her to leave. Chelsea's parents heard about what happend and sent her to a strict boarding school. After spending a year and a half at East Creek Falls she will have to face Lily again.

Season 2Edit