Connor Deslauriers is a Junior (Grade 11) at Degrassi Community School

Connor Deslauriers
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Date of Birth 1995
Place of Birth Canada
Gender Male


Relationships TBA
Family TBA
Portrayed By AJ Saudin


Connor is the godson of Archie Simpson and best friends with Clare Edwards (who he used to have a crush on) and Dave Turner. He is good friends with Alli Bahndari , Adam Torres , and K.C. Gunthrie . He suffers from Asperger's Syndrome and is geeky, and very smart. He recently gained interest in women's underwear, leading him to the point of stealing pairs behind his victim's back. Connor was suspended and sent to attend school at Balton, a program that helps kids like Connor deal with their hormones. He later returned to Degrassi in time for his junior year.

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