Fiona Coyne is a senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi community school.

Fiona Coyne
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Date of Birth 1993
Place of Birth New York
Gender Female


Realationships TBA
Family TBA
Portrayed By Annie Clark


Fiona is from New York City, USA, currently living in Toronto. Although she and her brother were born in Japan, Fiona considers Manhattan home. She transferred to degrassi during the second semester as a junior with her twin brother. She is currently repeating her senior year at Degrassi due to being a few credits shy of graduating. She is a talented artist and is also very interested in fashion, as shown through her unique sense of style. Fiona has been to rehab to take control of her alcoholism, and she has discovered that she is a lesbian and had a short-lived relationship with a college model named Charlie.

Season 1Edit

Episode 107 Double Vision Part 1