Gregory Mathews is a sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi Community School

Gregory Mathews
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Date of Birth August 13, 1995
Place of Birth Miami, Florida
Gender Male


Relationships TBA
Family Gabriel Mathews (twin brother)
Portrayed By Nathan Kress


Fire and Ice, Night and Day, Brains versus Brawn are giant understatements for these twins. After 16 years in Miami, Florida these two start grade 10 at Degrassi. Having a mother who is a doctor, money has never been an issue for them and having a Dad who owns a gym has benefited to the whole family. Gregory always is in the "in crowd" and is the ultimate athlete. He has trophies in football, basketball, soccer, surfing, and hockey. Gregory's athletic abilities and Gabriel's brain have gotten them early acceptance letters to universities all over the U.S. Gregory and Gabriel have nothing in common but being the best.

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