Jake Martin is a senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi Community School.

Jake Martin
Date of Birth September 1994
Place of Birth Canada
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Relationships Alli Bahndari (current girlfriend)
Family Clare Edwards (step-sister)
Portrayed By Justin Kelly


A childhood friend of Clare's who has recently resurfaced, Jake is confident and steady. He has done a lot of renovation work with his dad, and his observant and understated sense of humor helps him to mesmerize girls.He is now on good terms with Eli Goldsworthy. He was formerly in a relationship with his step-sister, Clare Edwards. He is friends with Drew Torres, Katie Matlin, and Marisol Lewis.

Season 1Edit

In Episode 103 She Doesn't Have to Know Part 1

  • He is first seen offering to give Clare a ride to School
  • Then he and Alli lock eyes
  • He later walks by Alli and Clare's classroom and waves at Alli

In Episode 104 She Doesn't Have to Know Part 2

  • Alli leaves class to use the restroom but talks with Jake
  • Jake tells her to wait until Clare goes to sleep
  • Jake walks by Alli during lunchtime and gives her a sheet of paper with his number on it
  • When Clare falls asleep, Jake and Alli begin to make-out
  • This is the start of the Alli-Jake relationship