Katie Matlin is a senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi Panthers High

Katie Matin
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Date of Birth 1994
Place of Birth Canada
Gender Female


Realationships Drew Torres (current boyfriend)

Maya Matlin (younger sister)

Portrayed By Chloe Rose


Katie is a very good soccer player. She is pretty, knows how to femenine, and is best friends with Marisol . But come off blunt and direct when talking to other girls, and when it comes to love, thats one thing she can't do. Then she found a relationship with Drew Torres . She helped him get over his post-traumatic stress disorder and then she confessed her eating disorder to him.

Season 1Edit

In Episode 101 The Show Goes On Part 1

  • She is first seen making out with Drew
  • She introduces Drew and Chase to each other
  • She got a ride from her best friend Marisol, on the first day of school
  • Katie pushes Drew into being friends with Chase

In Episode 102 The Show Goes On Part 2

  • She helps Marisol get ready for her date with Dave

In Episode 104 She Doesn't Have to Know Part 2

  • She calls Drew during his make out session with Chase
  • She is seen feeding Drew french fries during lunchtime
  • Later at her house she is watching a movie with Drew until she falls asleep


  • Drew Torres
    • Start-up: Before The Show Goes On Part 1 (101)