Luke Baker is going to be a Junior (Grade 11) at Degrassi Community School in Season 2.

Luke Baker
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Date of Birth January 1995
Place of Birth Florida
Gender Male


Relationships TBA
Family Becky Baker (Irish Twin)
Portrayed By Craig Arnold


The Tim Tebow of Jr. Hockey, Luke is athletic, handsome, and above all, a devout Christian. But Luke’s teenage urges often get the better of him, despite his attempts to remain pure to his Christian faith. His family moved to Canada so he could play hockey at East Creek Falls for the Toronto Ice Hounds. Being a hockey player, Luke has a constant abundance of female adoration, which usually makes him the guy who’ll kiss first and pray for forgiveness later. He is very protective of his younger sister, Becky Baker who is 11 months younger than him. He wants her to have as much fun at Degrassi as he is.

Season 2Edit

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