Liberty VanZandt is a Science teacher at Degrassi Community School.

Liberty Van Zandt
Date of Birth November 1989
Place of Birth Canada
Gender Female

Science teacher

Relationships TBA
Portrayed By Sarah Barrable-Tishauer


In the earlier seasons, Liberty was known as the annoying over-achiever. As she grew older, she became less annoying, but the judgmental streak of her personality was never dampered with. Liberty has always been extremely intelligent and strives to be the best at everything she does despite her dyscalculia. Although Liberty is known to be very responsible and mature. At age fifteen, she was impregnated by J.T. Yorke, the person she had been in love with since Grade 7. Although she desperately wanted to keep her son, the two teenage parents-to-be settled on adoption. This was because they were both terrified of what a child would do to their futures, although J.T.'s future was short-lived, for he died when he was 17, leaving Liberty heartbroken. She has got a 4 year degree in Science from Smithdale University and graduated in the class of 2011.

Season 1Edit