Paige Michalchuk is a Guidance Counseiler at Degrassi Community School.

Paige Michalchuk
Date of Birth Late September/Early October 1988
Place of Birth Canada
Gender Female
Occupation Guidance Counseiler
Relationships TBA
Portrayed By Lauren Collins


Although initially portrayed a typical Queen Bee (Being mean, arrogant, easily envious, and two faced), Paige is sharped-tongued, smart, ambitious, and funny, revealing a kinder side to her persona as the series progressed. During her freshmen year she was raped and during her senior year she discovered she was bisexual. After graduating Degrassi in 2005 she attended Banting University for a semester but had massive panic attacks, then she worked in fashion. Then in Late 2006, after taking a break for school she went back and got her degree. She has seen almost anything either went through by herself or a friend which qualifies her for this position.

Season 1Edit