Noah Wills
Date of Birth 1996
Place of Birth Canada
Gender Male


Relationships TBA
Family Natalie Wills (sister)
Portrayed By David Lambert


Noah and his sister Natalie have a troubled family. Their dad commited suicide when Noah was 6 and Natalie was 4. Since then Natalie, Noah, their mom, and the triplets (In 6th grade) have struggled. Their mom does alot of hardcore drugs and has sex with strange men. But what she doesn't know is that most of the men abuse her kids. They try to tell her but she never believes them. Then one of her "friends" took it to far and molested Natalie. Natalie told Noah and he got in a fight with him. They have trouble staying in school. Now Natalie and Noah have to basically have to care for themselves. They have to gamble, have sex for money, or even drug deal. Lets see what Degrassi does for them.

Season 2Edit